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We receive receive hundreds of enquiries every year about the CSA.The picture painted by Stephen Lawson is an undeniably unpleasant one.It seems the CSA is destined to die as it lived: in the midst of controversy.October 31, 2012 Categories: Child Maintenance Service & CSA, Children and divorce, Finances and Divorce Tags: child maintenance, Child Maintenance Service, Child Support Agency, Court of Appeal, finances and divorce I would like to know where is the enforcement of Contact Orders?

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The appeal was focused on two fathers under scrutiny by the CSA for alleged non-payment of child maintenance: Christopher Gibbons who was appealing against a prison sentence of 21 days, suspended for 11 years and Kambiz Karoonian of Ormskirk, appealing against a suspended sentence of 42 days.

Yet the hugely discreditable CSA will hunt down a man for every penny they, usually erroneously, think he should owe.

A hugely destructive course of conduct ruining businesses, livelihoods and relationships.

The DWP should extract their ill-witted heads from their pompous backsides and wake up to the gross imbalance off justice that they ‘support’ and oversee on a daily basis.

My ex partner lied to his GP that hes suicidal so that he can sign on and get put on incapacity benefit, and not pay maintenance. I have not had one penny in 14 yrs, and he refuses to see his only child because she is a girl and he wanted a boy.