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Be honest when filling out your profile, but avoid giving out personal information (phone number, address, full name).

If you’re chatting/e-mailing with a potential date, don’t give out too much personal info in your messages — a good rule of thumb is to stay on a first name basis until the first date.

Read the warning signs In the wake of Manti Te’o’s online girlfriend hoax, the term “catfishing” has become synonymous with someone making up an online identity to trick people into a relationship.

The potential to be duped shouldn’t deter anyone from online dating — but if you’re just beginning to meet people online, trusting your instinct is important.

If you have children, think about keeping them and your dating life separate for their own safety.

While you may choose to list that you have children on your profile, avoid posting photos of them.

Chicago will work with approximately 12 middle schools for Dating Matters The Broward County Health Department and Broward County Public Schools have an extensive history partnering on school-based and community-wide adolescent health and violence prevention programs, ranging from bullying prevention to sexually transmitted disease prevention.

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Give out your cell number instead of home or work phone numbers, or use a public phone.

Install a free “privacy checker” on your computer and check privacy standards of the dating website that you are using. Double check the privacy settings on social networking sites you use to see how much info about yourself is available to the public.

Just as you may be looking up a potential date, it’s possible that they will be doing the same.

Fayette Street Baltimore, Maryland 21202(410) 396-2206 Office(410) 218-3447 Cell Aisha. Chicago’s experience in youth violence prevention, through the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention, and adolescent health, through the Illinois Caucus on Adolescent Health make them ideally suited to lead Dating Matters in their community.

The city has demonstrated a strong commitment to violence prevention, including teen dating violence, via an integrated public health and public safety partnership that includes strong collaborations between the Chicago Public Health Department and Chicago Public Schools.