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Why You Think You'll "Survive" SURVIVOR: I am Ozzy. Probst jumps off the speedboat and walks onto the castaway’s boat. “And you six have been put on the purple ‘Tochigi,’” Jeff said to Samantha, Glen, Sandra, Jason, Kelly, and Larry. “But I was thinking we could team up with Matthew and Thomas.” Tessa was mesmerized. The six push their chest on to their mat, as Russell and Jason cross the line, soon followed by Ozzy and Eliza! ” Shibata’s puzzlers, Kevin and Thomas, began solving the puzzle. Sandra looks at Shibata’s puzzle, as she tries to copy it. Not as big a reward but you got what you needed: immunity, and flint to go along with it. “Kushiro, I got nothing for you except for a date with me. Shibata, as you have won the challenge, you get to pick one person from Kushiro to go to Exile Island.” The Shibata tribe discussed it in a huddle, and Penner said “We pick Eliza.” “Eliza, take this map, and find your way to Exile Island.” Eliza left the site. You have the afternoon to think about it.” Ozzy: Ozzy 2.0 didn’t even participate in the challenge. Okay.” Ozzy 2.0: If Tessa thinks I’m voting out my idol, she has another thing coming! As long as you have fire, you are still in this game. That will be the case for one of you, tonight.” As the six sat down on tree stumps, Jeff sat down on his. “Tessa, why would you throw me under the bus like that? “From the look of his face, it seems that he didn’t see that coming at all. One good thing about going to Tribal Council is you will leave here with fire.” Jeff threw flint to Tessa. Goodnight.” The tribe of five began walking out of the council with their torches in an orderly line. Parvati and Sandra working on the puzzle for Tochigi, with Russell as the caller. The two tribes completed the puzzles they were working on, and Tochigi is still on their first. Shibata completed their second and Shibata and Kushiro are tied in the final puzzle, while Tochigi is still on their first! “Shibata, head back to camp.” “Tochigi, one of the six of you will be going home.